Our Process

Our Process

All of our items are custom made to order.
Spectacular designs for your special gemstones.

All of the items you see on our website were created specially to order. If you see something you desire, please contact us and we can make one for you, too. Each design is custom fit to its specific gemstone or diamond center stone. Your piece will be a handmade work of art. After you have decided on a style (either one pictured on the site, or something different entirely) we can find the perfect stone and then set the piece to match perfectly with the size and cut of the stone.



Sometimes the history of an heirloom stone is more valuable than the stone itself. Just imagine the stories that these stones might tell. Each one is unique in its appearance and cut, just like a fingerprint.

My time in the business has taught me that trends are not reliable, especially when people spend large sums purchasing fine jewels. I strongly believe in the timeless classics philosophy. I am very meticulous about the quality of my work and regard each and every item as though it is a modern heirloom.

We all know the concept of provenance and how the known history of an object or antique so often increases in value. This is most apparent when we consider pieces which may have been owned by someone of note, or connected to incidents or occasions that have historical significance. But in the private side of our lives, value also holds true in the intimate history we have with objects which may have belonged to those we’ve loved or those which have a personal resonance in our own families and to our own stories.



I am especially delighted when a customer comes to me with a piece of jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. The diamonds that are in some of these pieces are unique. They were cut at a time when cutting was an art form. When I see a piece like this, the stones usually have signs of wear and have minor chips.

I usually suggest having the diamond repaired, keeping the same type of cutting and restoring the ring.

There are other instances when someone comes to me with jewelry she never wears, with the hope that together we can give it new life. When we create something that fits the scale and taste of a woman who has a true sense of her own personal style, and it allows us to use stones with their own narrative and place in her personal history, the piece has a life beyond the immediate, no matter how beautiful that may be.engagement_network

I believe that each piece should have a pedigree. A message and a link to those in the future who may one day find it even more than beauty to appreciate and treasure. We are all caretakers of the beautiful objects in our lives. If we can wear them more often, enjoy them more fully and share their stories with the world, then the people who owned them before, the times that created them, the lives they decorated – are all amplified and illuminated. In their way, the stones become part of the present and we give them a chance to be part of the future.